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Monday, January 17, 2011

Roads and Good Neighbors

A look at the road and fences of Sand Canyon. 

The road through the Sand Canyon wash.  Up and down and up again. 

Kingdom Hall.  And in the other direction, looking at Kingdom Hall.  

I've always enjoyed this split in the road.  They saved a nice old oak tree by splitting the road, and, while they were at it, put the mailboxes there in the middle for easy access.  No need to do anything but slow down while you pick up your mail.  Traffic is light enough that you're unlikely to bother anyone. 

Lots of good neighbor making potential down Sand Canyon.  This solid white fencing seems to be the new standard for white picket fencing.  It lasts a good long time and still looks good years after installation.  Hope the cows like it as well. 

Loved the gate.  These folks have enough space just for their entrance as some people have for their entire lot.  

And further down, their second entrance with roof and San Gabriel mountains in the background. 

Older fencing. Complete with violators will be trespassed upon sign.  

Sand Canyon wash and horse trail.  

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