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Monday, January 17, 2011

Signs and Balloons

Signs and balloons down Sand Canyon

Balloons and signs.  Balloons are a sure sign of a birthday party.  Especially in an area where roads are unfamiliar and possibly not well marked and where houses are far apart, you need other markers for your guests to find you.  The no motorized vehicles sign is particularly interesting because it was placed right before the main drag.  I think it was actually referring to the recently installed horse path along the side of the road.  A very valuable safety addition for us walkers along the Road. 

Great sign.  They had a few of these artsy type signs.  

You're getting two of these balloons.  And watch out for that DEEPS PMUB!

Balloons up close.  The wind blows them into the path of the sunrays. And where's my birthday party??

Giddyap horsey!

A great sunset.  

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