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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's only 8.6%. No, it's 9.4%. It's 10%. Wait. 9.2%

From the Pennsylvania department of state, the results are
Clinton 1237696 54.3%
Obama 1043174 45.7%
for a difference of 8.6%. If you do the calculation with the original numbers it is 8.52% difference. The PA Dept of Stater web site says "*** 9,203 out of 9,264 Districts (99.34%) Reporting Statewide ***"

The meme in the MSM (main stream media) is that she won by 10%, and therefore it is a double digit victory.

LATimes : "ANALYSIS: She beats Obama by 10 points, "
NYTimes has her ahead by 9.4% with 99% reporting
Clinton 1258278 54.7%
Obama 1042573 45.3%

Which is amusing as they have more data than the PA DOS website!

Now I just clicked reload at the PA election web site and got these numbers:

Clinton 1237696 54.6%
Obama 1029672 45.4%
for a difference of 9.2%. Obama just lost votes. From the web site:
"*** 9,212 out of 9,264 Districts (99.44%) Reporting Statewide ***" It is 9:42 California time.

More districts, fewer votes. Go figure.

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