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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Clinton to Fight for Vice President Slot has a not that Clinton has explicitly authorized an advisor/supporter (the head of BET, Black Entertainment TV) to help her run for the vice presidential spot on the ticket. That is a lot of hubris. Commentators on CNN last night after her non-concession were saying that if she had a 50-50 slot at the veep slot, now it was 80-20 against.

Obama's problem with her joining the ticket is that he doesn't look presidential if she takes the veep slot, rather, she looks like she grabbed it whether he wanted to offer it or not.

Her goal in this is not necessary to have Obama win. It is to have her in the strongest position to run for president next time.

Other news reports suggest that Obama would be willing to have her in his cabinet, and to take the lead on health care legislation. Then if it doesn't go through, its her fault. And if it succeeds, she was a success, and so is he.

Does it appear there is a negotiation going on in the press over her place in the Obama administration? He'll offer cabinet, she'll take vice president.

I guess he's getting his first test on talking to hostile leaders: should he talk to Hillary directly without preconditions?

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