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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Election 2008: Tie Ball Game

At, they have their own calling of the presidential race based on current state polling. Their count has 208 electoral votes for McCain, 202 for Obama and 128 electoral votes in toss-up states. If you go through the toss-up states, there are 61 votes for McCain and 67 for Obama, leading to an exact electoral college tie.

Here are who is ahead in each of the 128-electoral-vote-totaling toss-up states:
MT - 3
NV -5
IN - 11
WV - 5
VA - 13
NH - 4

CO - 9
MN - 10
WI - 10
MI - 17
PA - 21

Total: 67 Barack Obama, 61 John McCain
Added to 202 BO and 208 JM
gives us a 269-269 tie.

Update: Was still tied yesterday using the same mechanism, though the strong and leaning Obama and McCain states had shifted quite a bit. And I did a little editing above.

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