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Friday, October 31, 2008

articulate athlete acts algorithmically

Word games can be fun. Looking at my emails, I noticed that my last three emails were from three different people whose first names all began with the letter A. This triggered an email exchange with my sister, the second of the A-list people to come up with A-adjectives.

My first try:

Argumentative?Amusing, articulate and absolutely androgenous. (Couldn't think of another A-word)

Her suggestions:

Admirable, amiable, artistic, artificial, agitated, angry, ambitious, ambidextrous, and now I'm starting to recycle so I think I'm done for now. Antipodean?

Her alliterative and aerobic Antipodean adspired me to accomplish
articulate, antagonistic, agonist (ic), Aegean, altimetric, ambassadorean, actual, abricadaverous, adornable, alit-able, alight-able, agit-properian, axe-to-grind-ian.
Alternatives admixing a-readers?

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