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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miscellaneous Year End Photo Edition: Canyon Country

A holiday olio for you.  Dogs and fruit and the ever present sun-washed Canyon Country scenery.

House resident, residing in cool creature comfort.  That's blogsdottir's hand.

Visitor pooch showing off his/her shiny red coat.

Last pomegranates of the year determinedly hanging on for the New Year.

A memorial for Meamer in the Santa Clara wash.  A quick search of the intertubes failed to reveal information on Meamer.

Sun-washed will get old, since virtually every picture of Canyon Country is sun-washed. Still: sun-washed fence and mini-badlands along the Santa Clara wash.

Time for one of those periodic update photos of the Canyon Country bridge over the Wash Santa Clara.  Not the same pizzazz as Bridge over the River Kwai or Bridge of Madison County.

Mythological constructs know as "bike paths".  Trod by lesser gods on their way out of Santa Clara Wash to downtown urban Canyon Country.  

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