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Sunday, September 16, 2012

San Luis Reservoir Objects

Some of the objects decorating the visitor center at San Luis Reservoir.

Flat bed truck outside the visitor center.

Only 4 cars in the parking lot but the pedestrians were so slow they still caused a traffic jam.

Just where is beyond?  Bed bath and ...? I can understand no pets across a line.  But you can approach a point from 360 degrees.  Suppose you came from the other end of the walkway and had a pet with you.  Could you not take the pet to your car?  This sign anchors three of the pictures in this post.

Portrait of a rock.  There were a number of these mammoth glacier riders on the grounds.

A second glacier rider.

You don't have chains hanging from the eaves of your visitor center?  The main point of this picture is the wood riser with its angled wooden supports on both sides.  It is vertical, so not a good sun screen. It had vertical slots, so it wasn't good as a bulletin board.  A wind break perhaps?  For catching small pets and slow pedestrians when the wind picks them up and sweeps them along?  I've no idea.  There were several dotting the landscape.

Trash, water, light, oxygen.

Close-up of trash can dressed in western (lack of) colors.

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