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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tour of My Neighborhood

A look through Canyon Country on a round trip to Placerita Canyon Park. 

Blogger cut off the right sides.  Click on the pics for full width figures. 

I drive this road daily.  I recognize the elements in this view of Soledad Canyon Road, the street signs, the business signs, the road, the hillside, but it I don't recognize the scene.  The camera sees something different than our eyes see. 

A cutout of a hillside, taken from the park. 

Do you need me to tell you this is a picture of tree? 

The path along the Creek. 


Beware.  The wildlife can be bitter and misbegotten. 
Fallen tree blocking the path. 

Mushrooms growing on the underside of the fallen tree. 

Dead tree walking. 

Oak I imagine.  Don't look to me for Latin names. 

Temporary work buildings at the Park and an antique water tower.  
The road home.  Go right young man. 

The road in a cut in the hillside.

Sand Canyon Road over the Santa Clara River and Highway 14, normally a very mundane portion of Canyon Country. It is not this hilly there.  My camera overdramatizes.

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