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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Library Parking Lot

More shots of the neighborhood. These from the library parking lot.

All 5 pictures were taken within a few yards. Or meters to be a bit more modern. Amazing what variety is out there within reach of your wheelchair.

I love signs. Most signs are advertising or "no" in various forms. This one makes no bones about being a "no" sign.

Ski ramps for winter. Or perhaps for waterboarding. Get the hose out, get it wet, and away you go. Don't forget to charge admission.

The perfect little building.

A tree in a perp line-up. Not guilty it says. But the police arrested it for felony overnight parking.

A little urban corner of inner beauty. Occasionally our supra-urban mallscape designers toss a sop towards creating a peaceful corner amidst all the muegly. Up close it's peaceful. From afar (below) it looks a touch forlorn.

A dusty lonely corner of the parking lot. Think of the cars that could have been parked here instead.

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