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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Electric Towers of the San Joaquin Valley

These aliens show strongly organized behavior, suggesting the possibility of sentient life.

They come in twos, standing side by side.  These two have thrown up their little hands, as if in despair. 

They march off to infinity with common purpose.  The ropes belaying successive pairs may allow communication and support in case of difficulties or injury.  The incredibly regular spacing suggests laws controlling the permissible distance between aliens and possibly a traffic jam on their internet highway, otherwise why wouldn't they be moving along?  This picture has the feel of a 50's science fiction invasion scenario. 

A spawning point, they first form three creatures, then become two pairs of alien creatures.  And they can sell your RVFast, possibly a diet supplement for aliens?  

Every creature is a little different.  These may be in the process of spawning. 

Spindly legs and weakly defined torso suggests a baby creature.

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