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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Visit to Saugus and Todd Longshore Park

A walk on the wild side.  I think of this as Saugus, but according to yahoo maps it may be outside Canyon Country and Saugus both. 

Alien creatures invading Saugus.  They're reflected in the windshield window, so they're not vampires. 

Saugus houses line up closer than the alien electric towers of an earlier post.  Apparently different laws describe the behavior of Saugus houses. 

Dappled mountain shadows behind urban landscape.  Nice rear of pick-up. 

Yeah.  Sculpture of an elephant foot on a pedestal.  Someone obviously felt the need to block the view from Todd Longshore park.  And it was such a gorgeous view. 

Shiny Whites Canyon with convenient dog poop bags.  Can you spot the football field lights?

Shiny picnic table lacking dog poop bags :-(.

They they are again.  No one appears to need any.  Some kind of lonely. 

Phew.  Back in Supra-Urban Canyon Country.  Ever variable consumer's choice. 

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