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Saturday, December 12, 2009

KCSN Again

Minor complaint, not made clearly in the previous post. The music they are playing is very repetitious. I keep hearing Beethoven symphonies over and over. Well, movements from symphonies. If I new my music in great detail, I'd tell you which movements, but it seemed like the same ones over and over again. Other apparent favorites: R. Strauss tone poems, Bach Brandenburg concertos and Vivaldi concertos, too. Sure, I like 'em all.

Still, if you hear Beethoven's fifth once a month (and it seems like a lot more than that sometimes), all your life, from age 21 to age 70, you will hear it 600 times. You'll listen a lot to that one piece. Think of all the other interesting pieces of music you could hear as well? How about some MacMillan, Martin, Martinu, Maw, Menotti, Milhaud and Myaskovsky? All chosen for 3 reasons:
  • I have heard of them.
  • They all have a violin concerto (or violin piece accompanied by orchestra) that I've listened to (and usually like)
  • Their last names begin with the letter M
  • They're from the 20th century, and
  • They're all either dead or alive.
Okay, that's 4 reasons.

Last time I listened there was lots of Bartok Concerto for Orchestra. Nice piece, but pop classical from the very beginning. Easy listening Bartok. That's great. But they kept playing movements.

I think I know what's going on. They bought a jukebox CD player that holds about 20 albums. But they always put in a Vivaldi CD, a Beethoven symphony CD, a Brandenburg CD. Or 2. The other albums rotate.

They really should be playing Messiaen Quartet for the end of time. Mozart's Requiem. Verdi's Requiem. All for our fallen comrade KCSN.

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