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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Valencia: Round Things, Holes and Boles

Images of Valencia Bridgeport: tether balls, holes in the curb and tree boles both real and ersatz. 

A lonely trio of tether balls behind a fence. 

Tether ball redux.  Free the tether ball two! 

Drainage holes in the curb.  Must be a lot of area and water that needs to be drained. 

Tree bole 1.  All trees seem to have a circular dirt spot around them.  It is important for trees to have a defensible space around them. 

Tree bole 2.  Complete with weathered dinosaur skeleton beginning to appear from underground. 

Tree bole 3.  Lots of roots visible.  None of these trees have branches or leaves. 

Tree bole 4.  And people love to imitate mother nature.  This fake tree bole sports a metal bole.  A concrete apron replaces the usual circular dirt patch. 

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