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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Valencia Signs

How do you know you're in Santa Clarita? So many helpful signs!  Here we have driving instructions and detailed use of your school and what to do with various (current or former) animal body parts. 

Those witty metrosexual characters in Valencia have gone way past the traditional symbols for male and female. 

And the abnormal school hours are what?

Don't do this, but do do that. 

I'm sure there is a secret message here, but I can't figure it out.  Are we keeping the gate closed to prevent the marauding hordes of homeless Valenciano dogs from entering the school grounds, or are we locking our children inside so they can't escape and go pet one of those marauding hordes?

Even the trash bins come with helpful documentation.  Who knew?  And for the legal minded, a reference for further details. 

And these can be found all over Santa Clarita.  These signs indicate that you are located in a nice place to walk as long as you watch the ground carefully before you step.  And don't let the children eat the dirt. 

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