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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Animals with Their Backs to US

Generally to make an emotional connection to an animal photo, you need the face as part of the photo.  These photos had interesting features, but had no frontal picture of the face.  Still, I found them interesting -- the light on the skin/pelt/fur/muscles, the texture of the fur, the pose, the surrounding environment.

Gorillas can be gorgeous animals.  Here we see one walking at an angle away from us in the gorilla enclosure. 

Desert Big-Horn Sheep.  Beautiful back end. 

Beautiful giraffe.  See the light on the skin and the muscles under the skin. 

François’s Langur.  The back thereof. 

Hippo languidly underwater.  What I really like here is the sun on the rocks.  And a bit of the shadow.  I also worry about the hippo getting sunburn on its back that is out of water. 

Pink flamingos all a-gaggle.  The birds appear to all have a number.  Number 13 is particularly visible.  Perhaps those are genetic features.  The flamingo version of fingerprints. 

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