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Friday, December 24, 2010

Patterns created by running water: Mud waves and water waves

Shots of river and water runoff immediately following a strenuous long running series of southern Californian rainstorms.  I love these pictures; in the past shots of water in the Santa Clarita wash did not turn out, but these came out beautifully.  There are more, but I didn't want to dilute their beauty by inundating you with too many photos. 

Mud waves.  The water is actually gone from this picture, except at the bottom.  Those waves were carved into the mud by the water rushing over the mud.  When the water recedes, mud waves are left. 

A close up of the previous picture.  This is a separate photo, not a blow-up.  The bush on the lower right of the previous picture must have blown out of the way for this shot.  

A different shot of mud waves. Erotic and repugnant all at the same time. 

These are water ripples.  This is a constant pattern, I didn't need to wait for the pattern to show up, it was there consistently.  

A separate, close-up shot of the same location.  Because this is water, not mud, the ripples may change location between these shots.  

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