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Friday, December 24, 2010

Vistas and Found Items: A Miscellania

A last collection of pictures from today's walk.  I took approximately a four mile walk through Canyon Country after the recent spate of storms.  This is the last of five sets of photos. 

House with four windows and a deck. 

Deck without four windows or a house.  One heckuva long deck.  

 Freeway.  What collection of shots of Los Angeles would be complete without a freeway shot? 

Found item.  What's in your cart?  

Two boys on the flood plain.  The older one is about to show the younger one how to throw rocks in the water.  

Horse farm, bridge and houses. 

A river, result of the recent rains.  

Puddles in the field.  

Canyon Country Cavern.  

Choo Choo!

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