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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Red Meat and How Obama Needs to Run Against McCain

I've been feeling that Obama's campaign has been missing the red meat of attacks at Bush. Tonight Tuesday at the Democratic convention, we've been getting some well placed licks in, but there needs to be more.

When people complain that they don't know what Obama stands for, I think they really mean, lay out what Bush stands for and why you are different. Not just who you are for, but what you are for, what you will do and most importantly how that is different from who Bush is for, what Bush has done and what Bush wants for the country.

TalkingPointsMemo has an excellent further discussion that they need to really explain that McCain is worse than Bush. Not the same as, but much much worse. As a marketing gimmick, 'the same as' is bland and boring. The Democrats need to explain what Bush is for, what McCain is for and why that will be even worse for the country than Bush. Not just as bad as, but much much worse.

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