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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why McCain is dangling Pro-Choice Ridge & Lieberman

Why is McCain dangling pro-choice veep prospects Ridge and Lieberman in front of the hard right anti-choice crowd? Mark Halperin on CNN was saying that he thought McCain was softening up the wing-nuts to more easily accept Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty or former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Romney was pro-choice until he switched to run for president as a Republican.

Whether this is true or not, I propose a second benefit from this major dangle: it speaks to the uncommitted electorate McCain is a `maverick' and `independent' in that he could support a pro-choice running mate. It makes a play for voters for whom being anti-choice is a deal breaker. I believe that McCain's anti-choice position is not widely known. Even during his interview with Warren at the Saddleback church, people could overlook what his beliefs on choice will do to abortion availability in this country.

This is all about politics. It is a play for voters, and not a true tell on his feelings about abortion.

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