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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area: Birds

A series of posts from the Sepulveda basin wildlife area.  These are some of the birds I managed to snap using the new camera.  Its fun to use, but I'm still getting used to it.

Do you realize how difficult it is to climb trees when you have webbed feet and wings and no hands?

In the brush very close to me.

Funky colored lizard was playing with a mate, when suddenly the mate zoomed across the path and ran fifty or more feet away, leaving this one high and dry.  We don't have these sorts of colors on our lizards at home.

Pop and Mom resting by the sea shore.

Big duck taking care of cleanliness issues.

Sassy Mom.

Painted water fowl.

I thought this was some brush, but closer look reveals that's a fish in its mouth.  You suppose he picked that fish up at the local fish 'n' chips?  You don't suppose he went fishing???

Uhoh.  Apparently he can't read.  This picture was taken while I was standing in the same place as the above picture.

So how'd that go down?

Throat looking a little lumpy?  At least the evidence isn't visible now.

And a white-plumed egret wandering the fields.  This guy also did some eating, but he ate the shrubbery.

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