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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area: Mad-made Objects

Some of the more industrial artifacts visible from, if not actually always in the Sepulveda basin wildlife area.

The fencing keeping idle wanderers from thrusting themselves off the bridge and into the fast flowing frigid waters of the Haskell Creek, which drains into the Los Angeles river a short distance from here.

Three planes visible after take off presumably from Van Nuys airport.  Will add plane types when I hear back from my plane expert.  Cessna 206.

Plane number 2.  Aerocommander.  Perhaps a 690?

And plane number 3.  Gulfstream G4

Building in the distance over the dam and across the freeway.  The stones form part of the dam.  

Another building peaking over the dam and across the 405 freeway.

Thanks to the neighbor guy for help with airplane identification.  

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