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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area: Signs

A lot of signs from many different eras decorating the Sepulveda basin wildlife area.  Who knew we needed so many signs to keep our lives straight?

Also, along with the new camera, I have to decide on picture sizes.  So let me know (in comments or by email) whether you like the pictures large or medium.  I don't much like the small ones, so that's not really on the table, but the previous post did have some smaller plane shots.

Early neo-paleolithic marker stating that oak leaves and acorns could be found here.  Or maybe they're just warning us about pod people.

My first reaction was to listen to the symphony of sounds from the nearby Burbank boulevard throughway (speeds of 50 mph).  But as I worked my way inland away from the street, the bird and bee sounds picked up.  Also the footsteps of joggers, planes over head, the sounds of photographers and people with their remote operated airplanes.

One of many Stonehenge envy sites dotting the Sepulveda basin plain.  These may have served as early markers of campgrounds for weary trekkers tired from their Enterprise simulation exercises.

Another paleo-monolithic micro-stonehenge site, with trash can and directional marker.  A site for pagan worship and dance-offs.

Directional marker.  Crosscountry skiing to the left and right.  A man and a woman both may be found to the left, and a loud speaker generating standing waves also to the left.

That two year flood occurs in even numbered years.  Presumably the zero point for the twenty and fifty year flood is at shoe leather level, or barefoot if you happen to be going barefoot.  That twenty year flood occurs on February 29th of years ending in 20 40 60 80 or 00.  The fifty year flood hasn't happened since the marker was installed.  But how do you suppose they could tell how tall those floods were if the marker wasn't there?  And if it was, did they ride a boat over to the marker to measure how much higher they were than the marker top?

Habitat for Re-humanity-ization needs to get out here and rebuild this trail.  Seems to me the habitat has triumphed over trail building here.

Ducks: floatable objects or immovable forces?  

Someone had a better idea.

I didn't intend to be patronizing.

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