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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kill, Kill, Kill Saddam

Scene: Arlo is jumping up on the psychiatrists desk and shouting, "kill, kill, kill." The sergeant comes in and says, "You're our boy."

Now the powers that be want to kill Saddam as fast as possible. First it was in 30 days, now it is this weekend. As if killing someone were the way to peace? As if Saddam mattered to anybody currently shooting weapons in Iraq? Or is this supposed to be a deterrent to the next Saddam Hussein? Three words: Shah of Iraq.

What's the hurry? Saddam ain't goin' no-where. Or, maybe they're afraid he will go somewhere. After the Americans all leave, someone or ones might kill him themselves, or let him go free. I doubt there'll be much continuity in the Iraqi prison system over the next ten years.

Do the powers-that-be (PTB) need to kill him now to permit withdrawal of the American troops and let total anarchy descend?

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