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Monday, December 11, 2006

Wasting Time on the Internet: In My Dreams

Woke up to the alarm Saturday morning. Had a few minutes before needing to crawl out of bed. I plopped the pillows against the wall and sat up. Of course I fell immediately back asleep. A dream set in. I won't tell you about hanging out with the three gay guys (this was in no way a sexual dream, so who knows why I cared they were gay.). We were driving around Washington DC looking for a parking space after leaving a conference. If we found a parking space, the joke was we'd have to buy a new car to go somewhere because the parking space was just too valuable.

We made it to one guy's apartment -- his family owned the entire building. It was not very interesting on one side, but on the other side it looked out on a combined Burger King - Disney amusment complex. BK was on the left, Disney on the right. There were two towers, a smaller one at BK and a larger as part of the Disney complex. Each tower had a Disney character in it. Snow White was in the Disney tower. The characters were dancing -- think go-go dancers but in full Disney costume.

In the guy's apartment, we went to the computer room. I logged on to the internet, and started spinning off window after window. The other guys gabbed for a while, then decided to leave. I said, sure, I'll go. I closed a few windows, but something caught my eye and I surfed a little more. I'm coming I said. After a bit, one of them came back up to see what I was doing. So I closed the rest of the windows, and was about to shut off the computer, when I woke up. I jumped out of bed with three minutes left to get ready.

Even in my dreams I'm now wasting time surfing the internet. And it is interfering with my other activities.

There must be a web-addiction-while-sleeping (WAWS) meeting somewhere. Maybe on-line?

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