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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions for me and that special someone.

I resolve to:
  1. Start fewer land wars in Asia. (someone)
  2. Work harder in 2007. (me)
  3. Love my children more. (me)
  4. Work with people who disagree with me. (someone)
  5. Help my students more. (me)
  6. Stop killing people. (someone)
  7. Teach better than ever. (me)
  8. Stop borrowing to pay for stupid larks. (mostly someone)
  9. Love my neighbor. (both of us but especially someone)
  10. To believe in evolution, global warming and other scientific facts. (someone)
  11. To stop torturing people. (someone)
  12. To write more. (me)
  13. To read more. (someone)
  14. To rely on facts not guts. (someone)

I wish for
Peace and good will to all
children and men and women;
people and dogs and cats and
members of all species, discovered or not.
Humans of all stripes to work together to stop rampant destruction, bloodshed, torture, rape and murder.
The end of hunger, thirst, starvation, illness, and preventable diseases.
Proper education for all.
Love for all and the end of hate.
Family, friends, happiness and good fortune in the New Year.
Finally, I wish for my own personal peace and calm.

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