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Monday, October 5, 2009

KCSN Statement

KCSN has a statement out on their homepage.
KCSN's commitment to Classical music continues following critical cuts in state funding to Cal State Northridge. "Every part of the university has had to reduce costs, and the radio station is no exception." said Robert Bucker, dean of the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication. Despite the loss of live personal commentary and announcements, KCSN continues to play the same breadth of Classical music and even more of it. While we are constantly evaluating our programming on 88.5 FM and HD2, we intend to continue offering classical music programming to our listener base in the future.
It is tempting to hold Bucker up to substantial ridicule here.  I am attempting to listen to the classical music feed this morning, but it is difficult.  "Breadth" is an inappropriate description of the current playlist.  So far it sounds like Schubert, Mozart, Bach and contemporaries.  Classical oldies.  Classical pop.  No piece titles, no announcements. JACK-FM for the post-geriatric set. 

While I'm hoping for 20th century music other than Rodrigo's guitar concerto and the incessant Copeland favs, it's not looking good for now.  Maybe some Debussy or such.  Post WWII?  Unlikely.  21st century music?  Forget it.  Chamber work?  Nah.  Currently listening to a live recording of a piano sonata.  Film scores?  Doubt it.  Shostakovich has entered the classical mainstream, even supplanting Tchaikovsky as the number one Russian composer these days.  Will we get any Dmitri ever again? 

The KCSN website claims "100,000 loyal listeners per week" still.  I'm listening right now to report on the station.  I don't expect to continue listening to this format. 

After 7pm Jim Svejda on KUSC plays substantial amounts of modern music -- even interviewing real living composers.  Whole 3 hour sets from a single modern composer.  Who knew there were so many wonderful composers in New Zealand?  It's been a wonderful place to hang after KCSN shut down at 6pm.  Now I'll have to give their daytime programming a closer visit. Not much choice. 

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