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Friday, October 16, 2009

There's nothing to do

Child: There's nothing to do.
Mom: Go surf the internet.
Child: The internet is boring.  There's nothing on. 
Mom: When I was little all we had was TV. 
Child: TV what's that? 
Mom: Think of a type of electromagnetic waves used to transmit web sites.
Child: Sounds quaint. 
Mom: Shows started at a certain time and stopped at a certain time.  If you weren't watching at the right time, you missed the show. 
Child: Like at the movie theater.
Mom: Right. 
Child: Was there one show at a time?
Mom: No, there were four shows on at once.  But at night they shut down. 
Child: Like the internet but with only four websites. 
Mom: Right. 
Child: I'm bored.
Mom: Me too. 

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