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Sunday, October 4, 2009

More on KCSN

My favorite announcer was Ian Freebairn-Smith. He liked modern classical music and played many a new piece and violin concerto that I later invested in. His show/time slot Mid-Day Classics with Ian Freebairn-Smith is no longer listed as a program in the KCSN playlist. I'll miss him and his show. He was the main reason I listened to KCSN.

It's quite possible the massacre is related to the massive retrenching at the Cal State University and University of California caused by the legislature's and governor's (and electorate's) shortsighted lack of support for higher education. Unfortunately I don't know how much if any of KCSNs budget came through Cal State.

The station manager is now listed as "interim station manager" Karen Kearns. I had thought that Fred Johnson was the station manager. Not sure when the switch over occurred.


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