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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Long Live KCSN

KCSN 88.5 radio appears dead. The station is off the air. The internet feed is playing lite classical and not bothering to identify the pieces played.

I mourn.

KCSN used to have Martin Perlich, Bill Toutont, Ian Freebairn-Smith on staff. The music was wonderful. They played music by (heaven forfend) non-dead composers! It was great! I haven't specifically heard if Ian is still there, he's been out a lot lately with "feeling under the weather" given as reason, a very worrisome reason for someone in their 70s.

A bit over a year ago, apparently the dean stuck his fingers in the pot and rejiggered the mix. Alan Rich over at his blog details some of the idiocies involved in the assassination about a year ago. The continuing saga appears to have finished now. The station is dead, the quality gone, blandness reigns. It sounds a lot like the other classical station in town now.

If I want to hear interesting, new, music I'll have to rely on my own CD collection. Where did I used to get ideas for my own music collection? From Ian Freebairn-Smith on KCSN. Now where do I go for new ideas?

I have no idea.

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