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Monday, May 3, 2010

Oxnard CA park, seagulls and jails

Sunny Oxnard.  I hate taking pictures at a soccer match 'cause its all flat and there's nothing to see! Not counting the match.  I think I'm posting this just to have something to make comments about. 

Mr. Seagull is not happy to see you.  Better watch out below, he's got his feet crossed.  Probably has to go badly. 

You'd be underthrilled too if you were stuck in this prison.  Somebody has to build storm drains, but do they have to subcontract to prison builders???

Aha.  R2 on holiday. 

Can you find: (1) an open door, (2) an ear infection, (3) a Chinese hat, (4) a soccer ball, (5) Jonathon Livingston Seagull (and for extra credit, what gender is she?), (6) a porta-potty,  (7) R2D2 on holiday and finally (8) an airport control tower? 

This is actually a silhouette caused by the tree branches growing just so. 

Those prison builders are really branching out into other businesses. 

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