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Sunday, May 23, 2010

O Bole Mio or Bole me down!

More pictures of tree boles.  Tree boles are an important subject in art and photography.  It is necessary to be able to pass your tree bole photographing course before moving on to portrait photography, for example.  You are supposed to practice on inanimate objects before moving on to real live people, for example. 

Our first bole with a set of surface roots.  We've seen this guy before I believe here.  This guy is an important subject, hence the generous two-photo treatment.  Here we see the the exposed root system. 

A rare triple tree bole sighting.  It requires extreme patience on the photographers part to wait until the trees line up just so.  Some photographers have waited years for this sort of alignment. 

An aged specimen.  Clearly this guy has been skipping his barber shop visits for years, perhaps centuries, resulting in a gnarled look. 

Now that's gotta hurt.  Unless you're an Auto-bot, it's hard to go over a tree bole, rather than around them like normal folks. 

In memorium.  This is the final resting place of a highly respected tree bole.  Note the special holographic display device inset in the ground and the group of 4 color guard to mark the location. 

A short tree bole.  This one has not risen to the heights seen in other tree bole pictures. 

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