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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Valencia Redux

A miscellany of pictures: fences dirty and otherwise, ducks in water and the water the duck is in, sidewalks and chairs. 

Principals really need to walk their school yards and inspect for dirty fences.  A neat principal would never brook (great word!) a dirty fence for their school. 

Here is a neat clean fence valiantly holding back the wild fauna of Valencia from invading the tamed lawns of the urban dwellers. 

Seats in the school playground.  A toy and plastic bottle await their owner's return. 

Sidewalk reflecting off the sun.  It really hurts when it hits your eye. 

This duck was quacking up a storm at me.  But if it didn't want me to photograph it, it either should have flown the coop or directly asked me.  But it did neither. 

And here is that promised water photo that the duck was swimming in. 

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