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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome to San Pedro!

A visit to San Pedro. Have a taste of San Pedro via our pictures. Big industry.  Massive ships. Pollution.  Water.  People, rich and poor.  Buildings new, and run-down.  Food, restaurants, and small business.  This is our introductory post.  We'll have several additional posts from around town. 

Welcome to San Pedro!  Try not to look so enthused. 

People and seafood and water and cargo and cranes for removing cargo.  A cargo ship is visible under the net on the left of the stacks of cargo. 

Ocean liner visible over housing. 

Smoke/water vapor and oil tanks looming over soccer fields.  I don't know if that particular smoke stack was dirty, but there was an occasional tinge of something unpleasant blowing in the wind. 

Modern buildings

and decrepit buildings.  Can I possible say too much about this one?  The sign you want, all ripped up, the agent you need. Gang art.


Helen said...

That unpleasant smell was probably methane. SP is built on former swamps ~ 100 years ago men hunted fowl in this here swamps ... reclamation project in another 100? nah! we gotta have stuff!

biostatprof said...

I'll have more photos. San Pedro supplied lots of interesting shots! Thanks for the comments.