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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

San Pedro Transportation:Tugs, Towers and Transports

This is the first of three posts on San Pedro transportation options.  This post covers working vehicles, vehicles that tow things (first three photos) and vehicles that carry things (second two and a half) photos and I don't know how to classify the last half a photo. 

Tow trucks are common in most urban scenes.  This one is parked in front of a house, not at a garage or work site. 

Backed into the pink house's driveway is this orange twuck.  I'm sure the neighbor appreciates looking up every day at the neighbor's bright and shiny twuck.  The driveway was not wide with a moderate drop into the neighbor's yard, so backing requires care. 

San Pedro is on the water, and I was excited to see a tug boat in action towing another boat (not shown here).  This is our third towing vehicle. 

The soccer fields were squeezed in between the oil refinery on one side, a business development on another and the railroad on a third side. 

This is mostly a picture of a community garden on the hill.  Dozens of trash trucks were parked above the garden.  The trash trucks are our 5th working vehicle for this set.

The Goodyear blimp was flying around this day.  Not sure how to classify the blimp -- it's essentially a passenger vehicle, not a load bearing vehicle, to the best of my knowledge, if even that. I guess it's a floating billboard is what it really is.  Also visible, transportation-wise is the cargo ship on the lower left. 

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