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Sunday, June 13, 2010

More from Friendly Valley/Vista del Canon

Photos from Friendly Valley/Vista del Canon/Valley View Elementary neighborhood of canyon country.  These are from my non-red period.  I don't know if the saharan quality of Canyon Country comes through in these pictures, but I was out walking and quickly agreed to be picked up so I wouldn't dry up and blow away.  You can see aspects of Canyon Country's cloudless blue sky. 

Zig-zag fence on the hill. 

Magnificent trees.  I love these overblown aging beauties. 

But beware the ides of march, the chain saw jaws that bite and take you down.  Ashes to ashes y'all. 

My blue period.  The Canyon Country sky is blue, but little else.  This truck proves to be a man-made blue splotch in a hot dry day.  Speaking of dry, that yard could use some water. 

A pair of chubby cheeked houses.  This one almost pagoda style. 

Same design with architectural and automotive details changed. 

And a non-chubby cheeked house.  Looking oddly down on us from above. 

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