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Friday, June 11, 2010

Artistic Signs in San Pedro

This is the first of two sign posts (pun intended) from San Pedro.  Here we see artistic/artsy signs from around San Pedro, including shots of some graffiti.

Here is a shot of signs for little fish theatre or at least for their parking.  I wasn't clear on where the actual theatre is, it could be that building but I doubt it.  You can see the heavy load building owners have for painting over graffiti.  I'm not sure why I consider this art per se, but it's going in this post none-the-less. 

The sign says "Liberty".  On the wall across the street from the little fish theatre parking sign.   

This oddity is one of those mandated public art associated with new buildings.  This laser ray would shine down at night on pedestrians and track them.  I'm sure the pedestrians found this exceedingly uncomfortable.  Clever idea, but best left on the shelf.  Just sitting there, it's not that pretty.  Looks a little like a Pixar reject from an open casting call for a lamp.

The last of the public art.  This from a table on someone's lawn advertising painted rocks for sale.  I thought they were pretty.  Go buy one. 

Fetus is not for sale.  Probably available for painting over if you contact the owners of the waterway.  Graffiti may be painful (I've got plenty of graffiti shots from San Pedro), but bigger more practiced graffito do rise to the level of art. 

For example, this graffiti decorated wall.  The combination art and social commentary is dripping with what?  Irony? Sarcasm?  Fakery? 

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