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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Door Number One or Door Number Two or Door Number ...

We do a study of doors and parking signs adorning the Engineering 4 building. Which door should I take? Can I park there? Stop? What kind of directions are there for each door? Which one has the all expenses paid vacation for 2 behind it? Which one has the goat?

Stop. And don't block the door. Emergencies exit from this door.

And behind door number 1. But remember: No stopping.

Extra bonus non-door picture. Still no stopping anytime. It's dangerous because of the high voltage.

What's behind door number 2? Still no stopping!

Now we're up to door number 3. Have you made your choice? Now you can stop, but you can't park.

Door Number 4. Turn off your engine. Does that mean I can park?

Two doors 5 and 6 for the price of one. This decision is killing me. Now you have to turn off your engine, but the yellow sign says you can stay for 20 minutes!

This door is a toughie: Turn off your engine, but no parking!

Door number 8 is a little shy, hiding out left of center.
Bob, I'll take door number 9. Don't STOP me now! Just because I can't park there.

A final unnumbered bonus door. This must have the goat.

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