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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Traveling to Tarzana

Some pictures on the road to restaurant

Out the door. 

Sunlight on the freeway. Only 20 more miles to go this night, afore we reach the towno. 

And the truck is moving left to take the car lanes instead of the requisite truck lanes. 

Plenty of traffic.  Normal California road trip.  

All sorts of adventures await on your freeways.  One sharp swerve, heavy wind, and this guys a goner.  My all time favorite freeway cargo load was immediately following a live lion being transported by an ancient pickup in stop and go traffic. 

Who will buy my sweet red roses?  On the off ramp, 5$ a bloom, not two blooms for a penny.  

Arrivederci!  I mean, we arrived already.  To dinner.  

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