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Saturday, November 6, 2010

UCLA doors and windows

Doors and windows are the eyes of a building.  Look in to see what character the building has.  Is the door inviting?  Are people in evidence behind the windows?  Or are trees lurking nearby?

Engineering 404 is welcoming you into its bowels.  Enter and immediately decide which way to continue. 

I've previously posted a picture of these prison windows.  This is where students serve detention and faculty on probation work. 

But the campus is really beautiful with modern accouterments.  And how did they get those trees inside the building?

Math sciences window puts on a light show.  

Earth and Space Sciences (what's left then?) lights and door.  1 of 2.  

Earth and Space Sciences lights and door.  Do we really need that outdoor light on now?  2 of 2.  

A series from Neuroscience Building.  Great windows.  Good thing they don't do top secret research there.  Notice the lab technician hanging just inside the window.  

The reflection of the building in the door is kind of neat.  But wait, the one door is open, and we're still getting a reflection.  Then I realized this is actual a see-through to the building on the other side of this building.  

Close-up of Neuroscience window.  This one not needing cleaning.  Reflection in the foreground.  

And another view of the Neuroscience windows.  

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