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Friday, November 5, 2010

UCLA buildings at night

It is often darkest just before dawn. -- Sojourner Truth

The camera doesn't always take great pictures at night.  Still, these came out well.  Some monolithic buildings, a hallway and a hovercraft.  Who says UFOs are dead?

Photo of a hovercraft entered the underground passageway to Hades.  This road goes under the football practice field.  Not that I've ever seen a football floating over the field. 
 Clearance.  Sale?  Under the practice field. 

The transportation services building as castle.  The moon is rising on the left over the engineering building.  

Corridor at night in the transportation services building.  They can afford a nice looking exterior building.  

Nighthawks, police station style.  With lamppost.  What photo is fully ready without a lamppost front and center?  

Our heros, EMT truck and Culver City bus.  

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