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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oddities on a College Campus

College campuses in particular have lots of creative folk doing creative things.  And this leads to lots of oddities lying around campus for us to photograph.  Here are a smattering of odds and ends lying around UCLA. 

This is a muffler.  Sitting on top of building, but a muffler all the same.  Must have previously been attached to a very big car. 

Love the contrasting color of the wood patio cover up on top of Ackerman union in comparison with the UCLA colors of the walls and the trees in the foreground.  

Ethereal bridge floating between two engineering buildings. Not the place to be playing rambunctiously. 

Every now and again I'm upstairs near this construction, but I still don't know what it is.  

Camping on campus.  Tent and canoe.  What every engineer needs.  

Close up of canoe.  Seems to be constructed of a single piece of injection molded plastic.    

Concrete snake over the new bomb shelter student center posing in front of the Molecular Biology Institute in the background.  

This guy appears to be giving directions with his stubby little hand.  Every fire plug needs a 3 foot high base to stand on, the easier to look dogs in the eye before they piss on the fire hydrant.  

UCLA Geyser.  There are several of these coming out of the biology building.  This is the one with the darkest vapor stream coming out of the building.  The water appears to disincentivize the plants from growing right by the geyser.  

Oh those wacky grad students.  When the white boards are full, they'll find a filth covered window for writing equations on.  

On the right: a closed one way exit only door.  The sign on the left: a signal to handicap folks that they had better go to the left around the building, because if they go to the right, they'll be stuck in a one way out passageway, until someone finds them.  UCLA has a lot of this sort of helpful signage.  

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