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Friday, June 29, 2012

Canyon High Tableaus

Tableau: A fancy word indicating the author knows words with French roots.

 When the high school was first built, it was a one room high school and this was the first building.  Then as the school grew, this became the baking box.  It was for wrestlers needing to get down to their weight by afternoon weigh-in and the room for delinquents to stay in as punishment.  As the school modernized, air conditioning was installed and it became a room for classes with very small enrollment.  

I believe they sell fish and chips in this one during sporting events.  Notice the field set up for soccer and football simultaneously.  The players must dodge the other sport while simultaneously playing their own game.

The handicapped ticket booth as not mandated by the ADA.  Separate but oh so very equal.

The path of steepest descent is the easiest way to get down onto the field.

I'm sure I can get my wheelchair up those stairs.

Why did they put holes in this wall?  Freshman hazing?  (Four holes=four freshman at a time!)  ROTC obstacle course?  Ground squirrel wildlife corridor?  Water run-off from the toilets?  Mr Gorbachev, tear down those holes.

Knowing how yummy Canyon Country water tastes, these water hydrants appear scrumptious.  Although I would recommend carrying a cutting utensil if you insist on drinking Canyon Country water.

These next two pictures demonstrate unequivocally that trees do in fact move.  In this first picture, we have a photo of a tree's shadow.

In this second photo, the shadow is gone, even though the sun is still shining.

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