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Friday, June 29, 2012

Items Around Canyon High School

Some items witnessed around Canyon High School in Canyon Country.  Specifically in the general area of the parking lot.

The rare southern unspotted fence snake.  It is unspotted because it is rarely seen of course.

Not sure why they call these things bike racks.  Bikeless rack would be better.  Notice the nest of fence snakes attached to the rack.  

This hydrant is protected from a constant rain of dog urine by being placed behind this fence.  Not sure how the fire department is supposed to access the hydrant, but at least it won't have rusted away when they need it.

Decorative yogurt container gracing the bare dirt.

Fence snake offspring.  The egg hatches in spring, and if not eaten by a landshark, it will grow into another fence snake.

Turnstile.  Entry and exit is controlled to prevent further infestation of fence snakes.

Capstone.  An art installation project showing the value of a high school education.

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