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Monday, June 4, 2012

Widgets, Stuff, Do-dads and Thingamagumbies of COC

All those modern techno-gadgets the techno-philes love and the techno-phobes love to hate.

Either a star wars robot in its day job or its a finger nail buffer.  You stick your hand in the snout up to the shoulder, and the gadget buffets your nails.  It will do toe nails too if you can get your foot in there far enough.

Fire plug, funny not-quite-red tree trunk, bus stop sign, blue recycle bin, grey trash can.  How's that for keeping your ducks all in a row?

Light bulb.  This is what keeps your campus bright at night.

This grates on me.

When you're done sitting on this, you have red stripes on your shirt.  If you take your shirt off, you have red stripes where the holes don't block the sun.

Plug that sucker in.  These are known as zero-armed bandits in Las Vegas, you never lose!

They really should have planned better.  If they'd just set the floor a little lower then they wouldn't have had to set the fire hydrant in a hole by itself.  It's already short, now it's going to be even shorter when people stand around talking to it.

Random stuff coming out of the wall.  Why does one go into the ground while the other one goes into the air?

Parasol, Marisol.

Even the trees are made of tougher stuff in Santa Clarita.

Spider web blocking the bat cave?

Combination sun dial water fountain and globe.

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