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Monday, June 4, 2012

COC Signage

Signage on college campuses is always good for a post.

These two signs say the exact same thing, that the walkway ends in 50 feet.  The problem is that the sign on the right is 10 feet ahead of the sign on the left.  So which is it?  Does the walkway end 50 feet from the first sign, or 60 feet?

You know, that's a whole lotta concrete going on.  One might be forgiven for overlooking that this is a non-smoking area.

Not just any lot, but 13 lot.  You might ask: Is 13 a lot?

A smoke free parking lot for those smoke free cars.  I wonder about Boykin hall.  Did he (or she?) have to worry about being called "Hey Boykin"?  Or quit Boykin' me?  To have triumphed over all that diversity and risen to a place in life where they name a building after you, that's pretty good.  Even if the building is under the central commons.

Go slow, you wouldn't want to hit that tree very hard.

Stop before you hit the fence!

No dumping dolphin brains to ocean.  I think that's what it says.

Stop those 1-800 calls to Andy Gump!  Or maybe this pic should be titled: Stop and take a dump!

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