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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Geometric Windows of San Diego

The first post from San Diego.  Admittedly I was only in the gas lamp district and the convention center environs, so really only a portion of San Diego.  'Twas a pleasant trip, perfect weather, beautiful area, and wonderful food.

These Marriot windows and balconies are a little alarming.  I wouldn't want to step out on those balconies without railings!

Looks a little Arte Deco-ey, though probably not.  Sporting some exposure to the sky though.

 It pays to install flat windows.  Otherwise you get reflections that look like this!

I'm not a big fan of canilevered balconies.  Nice potential views, but nobody sits on them.

A skeleton to prevent heat entrance into the building?  Or maybe balcony railings.  

Parking structure, public, so simple paint design.

That last step's a doozey.  Notice the wheels on the left side.  In another photo, he pushed his hand against the building.

More balconies, but more secure.  Look like you have to share them among multiple rooms though.

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