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Friday, August 10, 2012

Plants and scenes from around Canyon Country.

Its been a while.  I've got some good shots since my last posting, but haven't taken the time to post here.  This set is a smattering of shots from Canyon Country.  Plants and a couple of objects.  Enjoy.

Seed pods near the library.

Unfortunately, the song wasn't talking about California.  Ember waves of grain.  However, the nickname The Golden State was talking about our hills after the grass turns golden.

What this says about Los Angeles.  Street to be extended in the future, power lines in the background, dry tundra in the mid ground, fresh tar on the street, no trespassing sign.

Wonder if this palm fruit is edible.  Birds certainly like it.

Trash is never far from our thoughts, particularly when you're picking up the mail.

Trash bins are us!  Even if we hide them, they're still beautiful.

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