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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Marina del Rey

Was permitted to visit Marina del Rey last week.  The surprising thing to me was the lack of interesting pictures to take.  I found a few, but generally the place was uninspiring.  I eventually found a pleasant walk around the Marina, but I had been expecting expectacular, so pleasant was unexpectedly blah.

This is the first set of photos.  These are the "it's a marina so there must be water in there somewhere" shots.

From on top of the Marriott.

From on top of the Marriott in another direction.

There was a tiny little beach.  After what I saw in the water, I can't recommend hopping in the water, but there was real sand and to all appearances, a read beach experience to be had.  Plus it wasn't crowded!

Them there boats in them there water.

And if you wait long enough, a crew team rows on by you (bayou).

Oops, watch the hat.

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