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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Signs of San Diego

All cities require substantial information for the citizenry to navigate streets, sidewalks, parking lots, shops, stores, restaurants and buildings.  San Diego is no different.  Herewith a modest offering of signs to assist us in our daily activities.

Criminals are frequently left without proper direction.  Which explains why they are criminals.  That's why it was nice to see that San Diego looks out for criminals, offering them this instructional manual.  Another sign of beauty.

Sorry, but I do!  Oh those cute rascals.  This on the side of the local mega shopping mall.

Sign tries to blend in with the leaves.  Green dog, green letters.  I'll bet you didn't know they had Irish dogs in San Diego.  Probably an Irish setter.  Is the designated pet area next to the designated smoking area?

Bitch is the wine, not a female dog.  I've had some.  Decent stuff.  Not sure about the Wife.  The t-shirt looks pretty, but its cheap, so probably won't last long.

One on the other side of the offensiveness spectrum.  Like the guy waiting outside.

Uh-oh.  Trouble.

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